Friday, December 21, 2012

Things from this week

One of my favorite, most memorable YW activities from my youth was going to see the Nutcracker as a group. Fortunately, our budget this year allowed us to do it again, so Thursday night we took a group of 41 to see the Austin Ballet performance. We had a great time and I think only one or two of the young men fell asleep.

We came home and discovered that one of our jerk dogs (cough cough Oliver cough cough) had thrown a little fit and eaten the sole out of my favorite shoes. Anyone want a dog for Christmas?

And THEN....

So I was working on a crafty craft a few days ago, on the coffee table. We left for a bit to go to dinner and when we came home I noticed that I'd spilled some paint on the table. I was kinda surprised, because I didn't remember seeing the spots when I'd cleaned up.

Then I looked over the whole table and noticed.... they were everywhere. All over the table, including areas I hadn't worked on. And they were all the same size... and fairly evenly spaced.

Closer inspection of Hudson's paws revealed the culprit. What motivated him to walk all over the table, I'm still not sure.

And just for funsies, today was a great start to winter break celebrated by lunch and pedicures with one of my favorite former young women :) So glad she's home!

our first attempt at this pic didn't turn out.... all we got was the bump!
Lean back... there they are!

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