Thursday, December 20, 2012

30 weeks

How Far Along: 30 weeks, 4 days
Size of the Baby: Cabbage, 15.7 inches, 2.75 lbs
Weight gain/loss:  My doctor got her wish - I gained as much since my last appointment as I have the entire pregnancy. I'm now up 14 pounds total. I was a little freaked that I'd gained so much so fast, but she says that happens a lot... just a growth spurt.
Sleep: Miserable. Either I can't sleep, sleep lightly, wake up with aches/pains, or just wake up constantly. I'm very tired. All the time. I think it could be low iron.
Best Moment of the Week: If I haven't mentioned her before, I have a friend, Mary, who has 11 kids. Yes, 11. I'm serious. Her oldest daughter graduated from BYU-I this week, so Mary and her husband drove up there for the ceremony and to help bring her and all her stuff back home. She left the other kids in the care of her very capable oldest boys. Still, I worried about the kids getting a good meal so Thursday night Hans and I went over to make breakfast for dinner for the rest of them. Three of the girls are in YW with me (two are even in my Mia Maid class and no, they're not twins) and they, along with the youngest girl, helped us with dinner. It was so fun and kinda crazy to have everyone bumping into each other and watching their littlest girl be so proud to help Hans flip the French toast, and then cramming all 9 of us around the table to chow down. It made me very excited about our own family meals in the future.

Movement: It's getting less than before, but still pretty present. I think baby is just running out of room. There's less jabbing and more painful... rubbing? I'm not sure. It seems like bony elbows and knees as baby rolls over. I'm pretty sure I know where the head and legs are, but I'll have to run my guess by the doctor. Saturday we did notice that baby must be all over on the left side of my body, because it was substantially larger than the right and my belly button was no longer center in my tummy, but way off to the right. I looked so lopsided!
Symptoms: Lots of nausea and fatigue, plenty of heartburn. Nothing new though. Oh, lots of headaches. Woot.
Food Cravings: milk. s'mores. bagel and cream cheese.
Gender: It's either a boy or a girl.
Belly Button in or out: No change
Anything making you queasy or sick: Nothing of note.
Labor Signs: None
Wedding ring on or off: On
What I miss: Freely moving. It hurts to bend over, even if just to adjust my leggings or shoes. No way I can reach my toes to paint them and they look awful. Hans had to help me put my boots on the other day, cuz I can't do that anymore.
What I am looking forward to: A pedicure. I'm going to get one tomorrow!
Nursery: Next week. For reals.
Emotions: Short tempered. I just don't have patience for stupid stuff right now, especially stupid drivers.
Stupid things I have done: Nothing specific - just lots of clumsy. The corners on my kitchen counters are getting dangerous. I drop things a lot. I'm not sure any of this is new - pregnancy just magnifies it.

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  1. Mary's youngest daughter is a delightful girl and a fun one to chat with because of her oft matter-of-fact views.

    It's not too much longer before Baby Sweeting comes into the world! Yay!