Friday, December 14, 2012

29 weeks

It was late and I was too lazy to put on real clothes.... soooo... Christmas PJs!!!
How Far Along: 29 weeks, 4 days
Size of the Baby: Butternut squash, 15.25 inches, 2.5 lbs
Weight gain/loss:  We'll see next week, but I think all the holiday treats will help me meet my doctor's request to gain weight :)
Sleep: Not doing too bad.... just getting kicked all through the night. I keep waking up on my back, so I'm trying to wedge a pillow underneath my right side to stop that.
Best Moment of the Week: Passing my three-hour glucose test!!! I was so, so happy I did a little dance and jumped up and down a little bit. That test SUCKED. I mean, the one-hour test wasn't exactly fun, but this one was miserable. I fasted 12 hours, went in, had a blood draw, drank the nasty drink, waited an hour, had a draw, and then.... started feeling super sick. Like, weak and achey and sweating and feeling like I was going to throw up everywhere. the nurse kept looking at me going, "don't throw up! You'll have to come back and start over another day." But after the third blood draw, I started feeling much better and the last hour wasn't too bad. I looked like a junkie afterward, but I passed!! My first three draws were 30 points below the high end of the range, so those were good. My last draw was 4 points over, which was odd, but definitely not anything to worry about and I'm clear. And so happy.

Another highlight was a sweet old man at the doctor's office who looked at me waiting for my blood draws and told me I look beautiful. (really? me, about to throw up? you sure?) Then he asked how much longer I had left and looked super shocked when I said 2.5 months. I heard him telling his wife on the way out that I looked like the baby was coming any day, haha. I guess he hasn't seen a lot of pregnant women...

Movement: As always, all the time. They've been getting really painful lately, too. The past few days I notice that very low, on the right side, the movement really hurts. It feels like baby's little foot is like... stuck in my pelvic bone. Not pleasant. Oh, and Hans got to feel hiccups this weekend! That was pretty cool.
Symptoms: Just the usual. Lots of heartburn. And nausea??? What the heck? The past 3-4 days, I'm starting to feel what seems like "morning sickness" again... where I feel fine throughout the day and then late afternoon/evening, I started getting kinda sick to my stomach. Can morning sickness come BACK in the third trimester? That's fun.
Food Cravings: nutella, pumpkin smoothie, apples, milk
Gender: It's either a boy or a girl.
Belly Button in or out: No change
Anything making you queasy or sick: Nothing in particular. Garlic, maybe? I made a new dish for dinner Friday that definitely didn't agree (pinterest fail!) and the smell of it kinda lingered and made me nauseous.
Labor Signs: None
Wedding ring on or off: On
What I miss: Shopping. As it FINALLY gets colder here, I'm discovering that I'm not prepared. I really don't have enough cold weather clothing and I'm stretching to find things to wear. And it's hard not being able to just run out and pick something up! Hans' office holiday party was Wednesday and I literally had nothing to wear. Apparently preggos don't need cute holiday dresses.
What I am looking forward to: Christmas and holiday break. Since I work for a non-profit, we don't get a holiday bonus or anything like that. And truthfully, I don't think anyone here makes as much as we're worth. So my wonderful boss compensates for it a bit every year by giving us a week off. I'm looking forward to having that time to nest - decorate the baby's room, do some cleaning, prepare some freezer meals for later on.
Nursery: Nada.
Emotions: Nothing notable. Feeling fairly peaceful and even this week. I'm sure it won't last ;)
Stupid things I have done: Ah, this is a good one. I was doing dishes on Friday and one of my copper pans had some stubborn junk on it. I reached under the sink to grab the Bar Keeper's Friend to help get rid of it. I poured it all over the pan and started to scrub before realizing that it smelled kinda funny.... and was definitely not BKF, but, in fact, Comet cleaner. Ewww.... I scrubbed the pan three times with generous soap, hot water, and real bar keeper's friend and I'm hoping I don't poison all three of us next time I cook with that pan.

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