Thursday, December 20, 2012

Christmas Baking Part I

Now that all the Christmas gifts are purchased and shipped and work is winding down for the year, I can finally do what I've been itching to for the past two weeks... start baking!

For Round One of Baking Week, I'm trying out three new recipes: some basic Hershey's fudge, a Lofthouse copy cat recipe, and a mint crinkle cookie recipe.

I may be seven months pregnant, but I can still knock out 11 dozen cookies like no body's business :)

And now for my thoughts on these recipes:

I've never made fudge before - it was really easy! mix, pour, fridge. Done. It makes a TON and it's very tasty. Recommend.

I'm not usually a fan of the store-bought Lofthouse cookies, though I know everyone else adores them. I think it's the icing... it's too sweet or something. But these... these, I love. This recipe makes 5-6 dozen and the icing is perfect. Another icing I tried before was too runny. This was great, and not too sweet. I'll be making these again. Recommend.

Last year, Panera bread had a mint crinkle cookie that Hans LOVED. I've been trying to find something similar and just can't come close. These were very good though and Hans was pleased with them. I found something lacking in them. I made them twice - the first time I thought it looked weird as a ball so I squished them. They came out too hard and too flat and the powdered sugar all absorbed. The second time, I left them in balls and they baked up much more pillow-y and soft. I also cut the mint in half the second time - the amount the recipe calls for is too much in my opinion. And I think it needs something extra to reach a more gooey, chocolatey, brownie consistency. I might try adding some melted chocolate chips if I were to make this recipe again. All in all tasty, but not a fav. I'll give it a Recommend just because Hans was happy with it.

Now EBQuickstart cookies are done, I just have to figure out what to make for church people and friends :)

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