Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Yummy gobble gobble

I'm really into turkeys this week.

Check out these little yummy gobblers I made for our Sunday School kids this week. They were quick and easy, which made them even better!

Shopping list:
Oreos - make sure you get double stuff!!
Candy Corn
Reese's mini cups
Yellow/red frosting - the kind in the decorator's tube
Chocolate frosting - again, the decorator's tube helps
First, pipe a line of chocolate frosting along the side of one oreo. Stick five candy corn into the gap and set aside for the icing to set. On the opposite side of the cookie, pipe another line to attach the other cookie. It helps to set these against something (I used the lip of the pan) until the icing hardens.

While that sets, cut off a sliver (maybe a quarter?) of each reese's cup.With a dab of icing, attach to the Oreo that has the candy corn in it. Use icing to secure a whopper head and candy corn beak (for the beak, cut off the orange part and just use the white part). Dab on yellow icing for the eyes and a dab of black icing for the eyeballs (I used brown sprinkles - way easier!). Use the red icing for the wattle (I was too lazy for that part). You can also use the yellow icing to draw on feet.

Don't forget to eat all the extra candy!


  1. You are so incredibly talented! These are adorable and nothing I could EVER recreate in my home. However, go you!