Monday, November 8, 2010

Sugar was a bad idea

We spent part of this weekend in Houston with Hans' family. His stepdad had family visiting from Panama - his mother, nephew and nephew's family (wife, and two of their five kids).

Saturday night, Hans and I took the kids out for frozen yogurt. Evveeerrryone had to have a pic with a spoon in their mouth.

Jack doesn't speak much English and jabbered away in Spanish as if I could understand every word. I think I caught "agua" at one point.

Gretel doesn't speak, but she'll sing if Journey's on the radio.

Katlyn (our niece) had some awesome one liners:
- "Girls don't sweat. They glow."
- About the rollingstones' song, you can't always get what you want: "Hey! That's what my mom always tells me!"

Gretel and Jack are actually quadruplets (their brothers were left at home). Natural quadruplets (no fertility). I told Hans I will kill him if he does that to me.

Frozen yogurt at 9:30 at night means it's really hard to get a bunch of 7 year olds in bed.

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