Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Well that's not the same thing...

I tried to make these adorable "spider bites" from Bakerella to take to Tim and Kelsey's Halloween party.

Instead, I ended up with this.

Not the same.

I couldn't find black licorice wheels ANYWHERE. And I always have trouble dipping my cakeballs in chocolate. They break apart, or the chocolate isn't right, blah blah blah. In any event only a few, messy, clumpy, not very pretty cakeballs survived. And at that point we were late and tired so ... this is what we got.

How do you make cake balls that are smoothly coated and not lumpy??


  1. Based on visual observation, you missed the mark on smooth coating because, at first, your chocolate was much too hot and, later, your chocolate was much too cold. It takes a bit of practice to learn the "feel" of chocolate.

    I can't quite judge scale from the photo, but I also suspect your cakeballs are too large which makes for difficult control when dipping.

    You'll do better next time!

  2. ha ha ha, this made me smile today.

  3. Wow. I pressed comment to say exactly what Janell said. Also, sometimes I use two toothpicks to dip cakeballs. :)

  4. Um... what's a cake ball? I just wanna eat those.

  5. Erika - I used my cookie scoop to get them to the right shape and then hand roll them to be tighter. Other wise they will bust straight down the middle. Also, are you using a double boiler? If not that is why your temps are not consistent. If you are using the double boiler, don't put the heat to high or it will make steam which make the chocolate unworkable. I also have a special fork and scooper made just for dipping. You can find them at any cake decorating store. They changed my life. No more toothpicks. Man I wish we lived closer together. I want to come bake with you right now.

  6. Apparently, everyone knows how to make cakeballs but me. Jalaine, please come teach me.