Friday, November 19, 2010

An Open Letter:

Dear Government Official/University President/Employer at any company:

Hello. Happy Friday. Did you know Thanksgiving is next week? Good. I'm glad you're aware. While I'm oh-so-thankful to have Thursday and Friday off this year (first time in three years!) it's got me thinking - why don't we have holiday WEEKS instead of just observed days? Consider these things.

University classes have already started thinning out with students (and probably teachers) giving themselves a few days off to travel and prepare. Many employees end up taking extra days off too. You know what this means? The students and employees who stay behind aren't able to be half as productive. I don't mean just morale (Who wants to work when no one else is there?) but also productivity. If you're trying to get someone on the phone this week, forget about it! All the people on your list to contact? Those are the people who have taken off early for the holiday.

Now let's talk about that week between Christmas and New Year's. Why? Why do we work that? Again, half the world is taking it off anyway, and the other half can get literally nothing done. Like this year! We'll have Friday off for Christmas, a weekend, work Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and part of Thursday, and be off again for three more days. What, exactly, does anyone think will get accomplished in those 3.5 days? I can tell you. A whole lot of nada.

So Mr. Obama, if you're reading this, or any of you legislative representatives that I know read my blog, I plead with you to use some common sense. Push for Thanksgiving week and Christmas-to-New-Year week. Employees and students will appreciate it (and face it, you know you will, too) and we won't waste time, money, and morale on days that are a total wash anyway.


Another cubicle monkey

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