Tuesday, November 23, 2010

One down!

In my last blog, I vowed not to start any new projects until my three in progress were finished.

Well, I've finished one! And one's almost done. And one got tabled because it's no longer time sensitive (that's how I make myself feel better about dropping tasks =D).

Behold, my little wooden turkey dude.

He was pretty easy to make. You start with a piece of 2x4 that's about 3.5 inches long. I had no 2x4s handy, so I used 1x4s and glued them together with wood glue and that worked well enough. The turkey's head comes from a paint stirring stick - mine's from Wally World. Cut the stick to about 4.5 inches.
Paint both the stick and the wood block with a brown paint. Use a piece of sandpaper to polish the edges for a worn feel, and to make them smoother and softer.

For the turkey's face, dab red paint for cheeks and smudge it with your finger. It shouldn't be too defined, just like when you put blush on your own cheeks. No geisha turkeys here, please. From yellow and red cardstock, cut out a beak and wattle (is that a real word?). I used my finger to smudge brown paint around the corners, to add some texture and definition. Glue those onto the wood. Then, using the back end of your brush, dab two dots of black for eyes, a cute little white dimples near the corners of the nose.

Cut 7 craft sticks (Mine from Michaels) in half. Turn them over and trace them onto fall-inspired scrapbook paper, then cut out the paper and glue it to the stick (Modge Podge is awesome, yo). Flip your block over and glue your craft sticks in a semi-circle pattern. I used wood glue, but don't recommend it. It took too long - go for hot glue.

Finally, tie a ribbon into a bow and add it to the front. I used the kind with wire in it and it helped it keep it's shape. He's a fancy turkey.

Here are the original directions from UCreate, explained much more comprehensively than I'm capable of.

Gobble, Gobble.

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