Saturday, November 13, 2010

Welcome home, Elder Torres!

Edgar is home!!

Two years ago, Edgar performed Hans' baptism. He was my first friend when I moved into the Capital Ward. And then he left to serve a mission in the Arcadia Mission (Los Angeles). And Tuesday night, he arrived home!

He is currently staying with his family in Elgin, but last night Andrew picked him up and we got the old Office FHE group back together for dinner at Salt Lick. Edgar's been cravin' some good BBQ for the last two years.

It's really great to have him home and you can actually feel the spiritual high he's still riding just being in the same room with him! Glad to have you back, buddy.

(Thanks, Andrew, for the photos! And thanks, Riss, for the cookie cake recipe - everyone loved it!)


  1. So glad it turned out well- so cute!! :)

    Link here to the recipe for anyone who is curious:


  2. Old Office FHE, minus someone special :(