Thursday, November 4, 2010

Halloween craftiness

I had to take my Halloween decorations down yesterday and it made me so sad. I love them so much. I know I don't have many - I want to have a big collection now! - but I'm trying to be patient and build it up over time. *sigh* I'm not good at patience...

Until next year, fellas. I'll miss you most, mr. frankenstein!

Frankenstein candy jar (Loves candy corn... he ate four bags this October) from Target

Cute pumpkin figurines from Target

Ghost signs from HomeGoods (small) and Hobby Lobby (large)
Spooky Tree: Spray paint a regular, terracota gardening pot, grab some trees from a tree in the back yard and spray paint that too, then slap on some cute halloween-y stickers. Cute candles from HomeGoods

Pumpkin garlands from Target! I love these!

Bat silhouettes made by yours truly (Martha Stewart pattern)
Adorable Franken-sign (get it??) from Home Goods
Welcome mat from Hobby Lobby


  1. So much festivity!

    I had a personal crisis because for the first time I cut a tag off a beanie baby in the name of Halloween decorations. It was nearly traumatic.

  2. LOVES that Home Goods should give you a permanent discount for how much money you spend there! :)