Tuesday, November 9, 2010

A simple banner

For Halloween I tried to make bunting from cute fabric. It didn't happen, that's why you never saw it on this blog.

So for Thanksgiving, I tried to go a little easier. I bought some fun scrapbook paper (tried to get the thicker variety) from Hobby Lobby, some craft twine, and we already had a ton of clothes pins lying around the house from other projects.

I found a font I liked (ChunkFive, free download here) and printed the letters out on regular typing paper. I cut out each letter, traced them on the back of the scrapbook paper, and then cut out the letters.

Keep in mind you only need to cut out templates for HAPY THNKSGIV. I almost forgot about that.

On a side note, I think I may need one of these soon. After all those bats and letters, I'm pretty over hand cutting.

Oh, and the cute Turkey dude and the autumn leaves garland were both half off at Hobby Lobby. Score.


  1. Computer me had to read the directions twice because I assumed you reversed the font and printed it on the back of the card stock. Once I omitted that error your directions made a lot more sense!

    Ooooo, that's a nifty machine.

  2. How did you cut out the letters? Just with scissors? It's just so precise-looking, I thought that maybe you used an exacto-knife or something of that variety.

  3. Yup, straight up scissors. Just slowly and carefully!

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  5. That banner is darling! We don't have a fireplace....but one day when we do, I am DEFINITELY making those and banners for other holidays....we just have no room in this little apt. of ours. SO cute! I just love your crafts and recipe posts.....keep 'em comin!