Monday, November 15, 2010

Project ADD

For the love of all things Martha Stewart, I'm having a crafting problem.

I keep starting crafty projects and not finishing them. Because I start something else! Hans keeps making fun of me.

So, this week, I'm not letting myself start any new projects until I finish the  three already in progress. Little wooden turkey dude, Christmas quilt, and Harry Potter scarf must be finished before I am allowed to start anything new.

Keep me accountable, people.


  1. I'm trying on a new rule that I can only have 3 active projects at a time and all unfinished projects have an expiration date on them upon the arrival of which time they must summarily be thrown out. This has done well to keep me from starting new projects.

    Are you going to the knitting night tomorrow?

  2. That's a good rule. Does it help you get projects done?

    I don't know how to knit :( Kinda wish I did! But I have VT tomorrow anyway. Sounds fun