Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A quick and free makeover

You may have noticed in my the photo in my last post that we've done some re-arranging.We LOVE the difference it makes just changing where all the furniture.

Our living room is cavernous, to the point where we're not sure what to do with all the space. Hans was pretty set on mounting the TV above the fireplace, so we kind of based everything off that. This is what it looked like:

Once we moved the dining table into the dining room, we were left feeling like the couch cut the room in half and we didn't know what to do with the left half. Or the wall to the right of the fireplace, for that matter.

After seeing this image on a blog, I thought "Hey, that arrangement might work for us!" So we tried it. We moved the tv to the right wall, and mounted it there. We shifted the bookcase to the opposite corner, and moved the couch by the window. We bought the gorgeous, giant frame on the cheap from Ikea.

Now it's easier to see the TV, it's not as high so it's more comfortable to watch, there's less glare, the room feels more balance, and we have the fireplace to decorate as the centerpiece for the room.

We're feeling that it needs some arm chairs to round it out, but we're not sure where to look. Suggestions?

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