Monday, October 29, 2012

Napali coast

This was probably the highlight of the trip. The northwest side of the island is known as the Napali coast, and it's pretty much just sheer cliffs. No roads go through it. You can hike it, but it's a very strenuous 22 miles. Otherwise, your only options to view it are via boat or helicopter. We went with Capt Andy's catamaran and it was such a blast.

I guess at this point I should also add that Hans' older brother, Karl, is in the army and stationed on Oahu. When he found out we were going to Hawaii, he and his wife bought tickets to hop islands and spend a couple days with us. We thought the catamaran trip would be a good thing to do together!

Hans enjoyed the beginning of the trip... It was 5.5 hours long and the first 3.5 or so were pretty smooth sailing, but the way back was turbulent. Hans got very, very sick and spent most of the way back hanging over the boat's back railing. Karl and Christina both got a little queasy and much to everyone's shock, I was fine. I think after four months of morning sickness, my body was like... I got this.

Hans, his brother Karl, and Karl's wife Christina (she's also pregnant!) We were able to see a bunch of dolphins (video to come!) and flying fish.

The captain threw bread near Christina and the fish swarmed her. She turned around and went right back to the boat!
We snorkled! Not for long... it was a little rough and murky. But we tried!

Comparing baby bumps... the cousins will only be about six weeks a part! Christina is due April 6.
We kept wanting to take a photo of the brothers for their mom, but they refused to just take a nice picture.  They have to make funny faces! not nice. Sorry Karin, we tried.
Our fancy last dinner together at Josselin's Tapas. I think everyone else was a little underwhelmed, but I really loved it!
So glad you guys could pop over and spend some time with us!

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