Monday, October 29, 2012

Hawaiian vacation

Oh yes, we are incredibly spoiled. For some time, we've been talking about taking a trip this fall - next month actually marks 10 years since our first date and we wanted to do something special to celebrate. We had talked about a Caribbean cruise (since we loved cruising so much last year!) but once we found out I was pregnant, we decided we needed to adjust our plans a bit. We considered Costa Rica, thinking we could find cheap flights. We were shocked when we actually found (on a whim!) tickets to Hawaii for cheaper than tickets to Costa Rica! I don't know, maybe just because it's off season? But they were affordable. Throw in a vacation rental from VRBO and an unexpected (and very appreciated) bonus from Hans' job and we all of sudden found ourselves on our way to Kauai for eight days!

We had such an amazing time and just to make sure you're all jealous, I will now deluge you with way too many photos :) Enjoy!
Poipu Beach, right by our condo. There's this cool little sand bar thing leading out to a little island, creating two beaches. The left one is very calm and great for swimming and the right one has great snorkeling. Plus, it's just a beautiful beach!
The "swim side" of Poipu beach
Our first sunset n Hawaii!

We reserved a Ford Focus and got this! That's a nice trade up. Hans really enjoyed being able to drive a Mustang again (he had one all through high school). Too bad most roads in Kauai are 25 mph.

We spent most days just exploring the beaches - there are so many to choose from! We stayed on the South Shore and really enjoyed Shipwreck Beach and Poipu Beach. We checked out Salt Pond and Lawai, but they didn't hold much interest for us. We just wanted to lie in the sun and read. 

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