Monday, October 8, 2012

Halloween banner

I actually finished a craft! It's always a small miracle when that happens. This one wasn't even hard or anything, it was just about finding the time.

What you need:
Chipboard banner - I found mine pre-made at Hobby Lobby for about $2
Craft paint - orange and black
Orange glitter
Paint brush
Modge podge (or watered down elmer's glue)
Halloween wood cut outs - I went with ghosts
Halloween wired ribbon, 2 rolls

Paint the letters black and let it dry.
Then add orange accents - I went with polka dots, but you could just as easily do stripes or something. I thought about painting on the dots, but was worried they'd be all different sizes. So I got a little inventive... I hot glued a dime to an ikea pencil and used that to stamp on the orange paint.
After everything dries, paint modge podge (or watered down glue if you're cheap like me) onto the orange dots. Use a spoon to add glitter on top. I alternated glitter colors because I didn't think I had enough of one color to do all of them.
After you shake it off well (outside - but don't worry you'll still find it on the rug, the chair, the piano bench, your face, and your puppies), cut the ribbon into small pieces (I think mine were about 6-8 inches each). Starting next to the letters, tie the pieces onto the banner in knots, alternating ribbons. Then glue on your wood cut outs and you're done!


  1. I love the pencil and a dime stamp!

  2. Looks so cute. Maybe I'll try something like this.