Tuesday, October 9, 2012

20 Weeks - Halfway!

How Far Along: 20 weeks, 2 days
Size of the Baby: Small cantaloupe, 6.5 inches (crown to rump) or 10 inches (head to heel), 10.6 oz
Weight gain/loss: Apparently, loss. I should have gained 10-15 pounds by now (according to my iphone app) and I've gained two. I'm still being cautious though because I have a feeling it's going to catch up with me any day now.
Sleep: Not too bad this week, though feeling a little more tired than usual. Had some crazy horrible nightmares. Right before our anatomy ultrasound, I had a dream that was so vivid and real I couldn't tell the difference between being awake and asleep. I was so disoriented I walked into the closet first before realizing it wasn't the bathroom and turning around. I guess I was still walking around the room I was dreaming about.
Best Moment of the Week: Our anatomy ultrasound!! It was so wonderful to see our little one all moving around in there, see the little heart beating, see some cute little stretching. It's such a relief to see that baby is doing ok and to be able to connect a little more.

Movement: I think so?? I'm still not sure! I'm reluctant to say it is because I've been wrong before. But Thursday or Friday last week I started feeling something new and different way down low on my abdomen. I can't describe it (and trust me, I've tried!) It feels like a hard twitch, or maybe a rubber band snapping. I don't know why, but it makes me think of the clinking when ice settles into a glass. But it will happen several times in a row (mostly when I've just sat or laid down after being up for a bit) and then I won't feel it again for a while. Yesterday when I laid down on the couch, I started to feel it so Hans came over and put his hand over it and he said he could feel it! So I guess it really was a kick? I'm sure I'll get more familiar with what it feels like and then I'll know for sure.
Symptoms: Of course, lots of heart burn. Nightmares. Bloating and breaking out. And this week I noticed I'm starting to get some light stretch marks on my hips :( I immediately went out and bought some cocoa butter and have been slathering that all over me... here's hoping that stuff works.
Food Cravings: Last week I got an irresistible craving for Korean food. Like, the "I-have-to-go-out-and-get-this-right-now" kind of craving. And turns out, there are NO Korean food restaurants anywhere in South Austin. It seems all Koreans live in Austin's northern-most areas. But my sweet co-worker indulged me and we found a place on yelp with good reviews and I got some mandu and bulgogi to satisfy my craving. And it was good. Aside from that, no other real cravings. Still chugging milk like nobody's business.... this kid loves milk.
Gender: Still Team Green :)
Belly Button in or out: In
Anything making you queasy or sick: I saw a movie this weekend where someone throws up (a lot... it was gross) and that made me feel like I was going to be sick... but it passed pretty quickly.
Labor Signs: Nope!
Wedding ring on or off: On
What I miss: My memory. I'm pretty sure I can only remember things from five minutes ago. I also miss sleeping through the night without waking up (but I suppose those days are long gone).
What I am looking forward to: More kicking! I keep hearing that at some point I'll be over it, but it's still so exciting right now. I'm also really looking forward to decorating the nursery :)
Nursery: I guess I should probably do a nursery post one of these days.... because we've made a lot of progress! We are done painting and we set up the dresser/changing table last week and moved in the glider and ottoman.  We still have to paint the closet doors and put up crown molding, but then I think we can start decorating! And we plan to order the crib here in the next week or two.
Emotions: I was very anxious last week (before the appointment) and this week I've been a little moody, though without good cause. I just feel like I'm moving in slow motion sometimes and that frustrates me. I feel like I have so much to do (at work, with my calling, around the house, this time of year) and I'm not able to get done as much each day as I'd like to.
Stupid things I have done: I can't think of anything... but I think it's just from lack of opportunity. I haven't done enough of anything lately to do anything really stupid.

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  1. ok I am now 28 weeks pregnant and I am not sick of feeling my little girl move. Honestly. It just helps me know she is ok and that is priceless. I think you'll be the same way. It is just so special. I always described movement as like popcorn popping in my belly. Something like that. My little girl still doesn't kick very strong which could be why i am not sick of it i guess. No bruising of the ribs. Sounds like you are just loving and enjoying everything. Loving these updates. And yeah..the memory thing just gets worse. I feel like i have Alzheimer's setting in or something...ha