Wednesday, December 9, 2009

You got me.

About a year ago, even before wedding mania '09 began, I noticed that several people I'd grown up with had started blogs after they got married. Of course, I brushed this off. "What does anyone need a blog for? I don't need a blog. I don't have anything interesting to say."

As much as I scoffed, I did, in fact, end up reading these blogs. And admiring the cute backgrounds and templates on them. They became especially useful after said friends started having kids - I'm a sucker for baby pictures.

Then yesterday, I found a whole network of people I had no idea existed. That's right, my great-aunts and cousins apparently all have super-cute blogs. We're talking, my great-aunts that I love but never see and don't get to talk to often. I happened upon my cousin Amy's blog and discovered a whole family network. They all found each other, I was just out of the loop.

So long story short - I'm in. I figure if nothing else, this will help the grandmas, (Hi Grammy, Hi Oma) know what's going on.

Here we go!

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  1. Erica!

    I'm a blog stalker and just found yours.

    It's so cute!

    And holy crap-I had no idea you were in an accident. I'm so sorry! I'm relieved you're alright because wow-your car doesn't look good at all. Will there be a memorial for her?