Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Some thoughts for today

1. I was driving to work and heard "Y'all don't understand/Make me through my hands/In the ayer
/Ay-ayer" and for whatever reason thought of Tom Wright. Hi Tom.

2. Making and freezing a lasagna in advance was a good idea. In theory. I cooked Sunday and put the unbaked lasagna in the freezer to cut down on meal prep during the work week. However, that thing is frozen solid. It's supposed to bake 25 minutes, I did over an hour and it was still frozen all the way through. Stupid thing made me behind schedule getting to work and having no dinner.

3. Yesterday as I was leaving to drop Hans off at school, a UPS truck with two guys in the front pulled up to the gate. Feeling nice, I pulled out my clicker/remote thingie and buzzed them through the gate. They smiled and waved. I took Hans to class and then went to the UPS store to mail off some Christmas stuff. As I was leaving, what I'm reasonably confident was the same UPS truck pulled up behind me. Guy smiled at me again. I get home, after only having been gone an hour, and find a sticky not on my door from UPS. Sorry, we tried to deliver a package, but you weren't home. We'll try again tomorrow. That's cool. I only buzzed you in and went by UPS today. Oh ya, and you didn't try again the next day. I waited this time. Liars.

4. Hubby bringing P.F. Changs to work because you had a bad day = amazing. Best. Hubby. Ever.

5. There were more, but my memory is no so good these days.

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