Sunday, December 13, 2009

We got robbed.

Last night my cousin Stephanie and her husband Lance had their annual Christmas party. It was a white elephant gift exchange and it was so much fun! I think she had about 80 people crowded into her home, so the game took a couple hours.

Hans and I lucked out and drew really high numbers - #50 for me and #59 for Hans.

Early in the game, some one drew a Leopard snuggie. Birthday boy Lance had his eye on it and when it was his turn, he stole it. Steph yelled "But we BROUGHT that!" Someone stole it from him, and he ended up stealing it right back. He was really proud of that snuggie. We thought it was pretty funny because we actually brought a teal Snuggie. Apparently, love of snuggies runs in the family.

Stephanie got one of the funniest presents. It's half a dog (so it looks like it's digging the ground). He barks and kicks his foot. I laughed so hard I thought I had tears in my eyes.

I got a boring gift :( It was a stuffed gorilla that sings L-O-V-E. No one wanted to steal that - Erika's done for the game.

Hans, on the other hand, drew the best gift of the bunch - giant red onesie, footy pajamas. It was hilarious and he loved them. Unfortunately, so did everyone else and they promptly got stolen three times in a row. He should have put them on as soon as he got them so no one could steal them. He was so sad when we left - we got so robbed!

But the party was so fun. Great friends, great food, great laughs. And Hudson has a cute new chew toy that he loves :)

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  1. Ha Ha!!! Thanks for coming it was fun!! Want my snuggie?....I don't :)