Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Aaaannnnnnnndddd we're spoiled.

Wow. Christmas always makes me feel so spoiled. I always get a ridiculous abundance of gifts. This year was no exception. So I'm going to brag on the awesome loot I made off with!

Sweet husband takes home the prize for best gifts. On Black Friday we went to the outlet malls in San Marcos and he managed to score this amazing Coach purse for not so major moolah. I've never really had a fancy purse before, just every day ones, so I'm so excited to use this! Isn't it purdy?

As if that wasn't enough, he also bought me the best Steve Madden boots. They're very warm and flat, so they don't hurt my feet. I can wear them to work and be comfy the whole time. I've been saying for months that I wanted boots and Hans managed to pick out the perfect ones. Though, having Andrew text me and ask me for my shoe size wasn't exactly subtle... ;)

He also got me a bunch of fun little things - a vintage ice bag for when I get headaches, a cute cake tester that says "Diet schmiet" (exactly!), an awesome wood cutting board I've been eyeing, some more of the MAC makeup I was almost out of, and a really, really cute red apron.

My brothers also thought the red apron was a good idea - so they got me one, too! I'm keeping theirs and taking Hans' back ;) They also go Hans and I a delicious looking cook book, red snowflake serving bowls, polar bear mugs, a BYU t-shirt (can you believe I didn't already have one?) and Josh got me some sweet MAC eyeshadow. My brothers are friggin awesome.

I gave Hans a bunch of really boring gifts that I knew he wanted. I got him a robe, some Banana Republic shirts, a sweater, and a fleece lined hoodie from J. Crew. All things that he needed that I got for next to nothing on Black Friday. I also gave him Call of Duty Modern Warfare - good bye, husband. This is why wives are not fans of Xbox. But he deserves some fun.

The nicer gift was a Fossil Watch. It's black with a diamond on the face, so  a little fancier. He picked it out when we were shopping a few months ago and helped me write down the style number so I'd know which one to get. No surprise there, but at least it's what he liked.

The last gift was kind of for me to - it's that electronic Pictionary Man game. And holy crud, that thing was hard to find! I looked all over Austin and it was sold out everywhere. I even asked Target to check all their other stores and none of them had it. I eventually found it stashed on the back of a shelf in Wal-mart - the last one. Phew. That'll be fun to play on game nights!

The biggest Christmas surprise came from my wonderful godparents, Steven and Malinda. They got us a Cuisinart breadmaker!! It was one of the things we wanted most off our registry but didn't get and we're already in love with it. It has a place of honor in our kitchen. We haven't used it yet, but I'll definitely post when we do. Yum yum.

Hans' family got us some very nice gifts, too. Hans' mom got him this cool thing for his laptop - it's a little tray thing that you set your laptop on that has a fan in it so your laptop doesn't over heat. I keep stealing it from him - it's awesome. She got me a bamboo read diffuser that is currently making our house smell like a garden and one of those really cool digital frames that scrolls through all the photos on our memory card. Love it. My sister in law gave us a beautiful green frame that has the letters of the traditional wedding vow written on it. I can't wait to hang it in our bedroom.

All in all, we made out like bandits. Never felt so spoiled. But hey, it's Christmas! Hope you guys got good stuff, too.


  1. what's the name of the laptop cooler? Sounds "cool".

  2. Merry Christmas! What a fun one-I feel like Christmas is the one time of the year when you should be totally spoiled. Jeff got an x-box but I forgot to get him that game you got Hans-but maybe thats alright. :)

    Gingerbread houses-oh my heavens they are SooooOOOo cute!

    ... and the insurance guy! Serious??? What a total d-bag. YOu can always sue in small claims court. The court fee will probably be $50, but lawyers are not allowed, you have to represent yourself. You can sue for the $10,000 that most other cars are getting and then possibly settle for less. I don't know-but sounds like you are getting screwed. I would def work with his manager-but I've dealt with a couple small claims court stuff and I think you'd win.