Thursday, December 17, 2009

Chronicles of our crazy fur babies

Oliver and Hudson have been very photo worthy lately. They seem a lot happier since the move. There's more space for them to run around and they like the carpet much better the old hardwood. Not to mention mom and dad under the same roof - no more back and forth.

Oliver -

We're going on a car ride? Some place fun? The park? No. Just running errands. I will sulk now.

Mom and dad don't let me sleep in the bed anymore. But that's ok, because I make my own pillow bed on the couch.

Hudson -

Hudson plays a lot of 'King of the Hill.' Whatever he can climb up on and nest in, he loves. It becomes his. Clothes? Mine. Pillows? Mine. The left was me trying to do laundry while Hudson tried to lie on my sorting piles. The right is a couple weeks ago when I could find the crazy little nutter. I eventually found him in the closet, on top of three stacked laundry baskets and three stacked pillows. Still not sure how he got up there... magic puppy.

Unable to wait for Christmas, Hudson pulled his stocking off the wall. And chewed on it. He's not so interested in what's in the stocking, so much as how it tastes.

Stay tuned for much more to come on our two little maniacs.


  1. Speaking of lost packages... my tracking number from the USPS says it got to SPring, Texas on December 4. Um-it's two weeks later and I still haven't seen it. I'd love to get a sticky note...

    Haha I love your furballs. They are SO CUTE. Weiner dogs are my favorite dogs. Hands down.

  2. Cute li'l guys...we will have to set up a play date for them with speck soon!