Monday, December 21, 2009

Weekend wrap up

I love weekends. This one was particularly busy, but productive and wonderful. With Hans' new job, it's also the first weekend in recent memory we've both had off work. Marvelous.

Friday after Hans got off work, we ran a few errands (picked up some frames for the house, groceries, etc). Then we got fancied up a bit and went to Benihana for dinner to celebrate the new job. The food there is so delicious, but I feel like they've let this Austin location go down hill a bit. The ambiance isn't as good as others we've been to. We sat at a table with three other couples. I got to talking with the girl next to me because I commented on her engagement ring (which, by the way, was HUGE!) We started talking with her and her fiance - small talk type stuff. Where are you from? What do you do? Stuff like that. When it came up that I work for the Statesman, the guy asks "Is there any chance that the name 'Courtney Sebesta' rings a bell?" Why, yes, actually, that rings many bells. Courtney is one of about three friends I have at work, has taught me everything I know about my job, and sits directly across from me so I get to see her pretty face for about 20 hours every week. We also were in the same sorority at UT, though a few years apart. She and I also share a weird affinity for Snuggies. What a small world!

Saturday was glorious - we got to sleep in and then have waffles for breakfast. Then it was time to finish up the Christmas shopping and run other errands. We also made the trek to Round Rock to go to the Ikea. At the beginning of last year, when I moved into the Yellow House, I bought a cheapy, particle board coffee table at Ikea the night before the Yellow House's house warming party. Needless to say, since  a few guys sat on said coffee table at the party, it has never been the same. It's always bowed in the middle, pretty significantly. In recent days, it's gotten to the point where if you touch it, it falls over and the sides have fallen off exposing the particle board insides. Not attractive. We went to Ikea again (can't lose faith in Ikea over one thing!), this time determined to spend a little more for an all wood one. Fortunately, we found a beautiful one that we thought was $119. When we checked out, it rang up for $69. I love it when that happens. After a tasty meal at Mighty Fine Burgers, we headed over to the mall. We finished up our family gifts and then split up to buy a few things for each other. It was a very successful mission.

Back at home, our friend Andrew joined us for the evening. While Hans set up the new coffee table, Andrew and I ventured to Walmart so I could buy a trifle dish and the last two presents for Hans. We finished off the evening with V for Vendetta (don't worry, it was the edited TV version!) and some homemade puppy chow (or Muddy Buddies, if you will).

Sunday afternoon Andrew came over again (sometimes I feel like he might as well not go home!) to shoot a couple quick pics for us to send out with Christmas cards. I'm really happy with how they turned out. I tried a new slow cooker recipe for dinner and am so happy with how it turned out - it's a pulled pork in root beer sauce. Yum. We also made a brownie peppermint trifle to take to a Christmas party at the Kendricks. We played Cranium, husbands versus wives, and I'm sorry to report that the wives lost (er, LET them win....)

And now it's Monday. Back to the grind :( But Christmas is this weekend, and I'm so excited!!

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