Tuesday, July 26, 2011

My crazy job

Sometimes I get to do really fun things for work.

Like a couple weeks ago. When we had a little pizza party in the name of research. We ordered five personal pizzas from Schlotzskys, one for each of us. We enjoyed a lovely lunch together. Then everyone gave me their empty boxes and I returned to my office where I wrapped them in pretty pink zebra wrapping paper (what? it's what I had on hand!). Then I took them to the post office and had the best conversation ever with the bored post lady.

"Do these boxes contain anything hazardous?"
"No. They are empty."
That got her attention.
".... You're mailing empty boxes?...."
"To myself. Yes."

I was thoroughly entertained by this conversation.

See, in September, my company is having an event in Chicago and the event chair thought it would be fun to have a deep dish theme. The paper invitation actually looks like a pepperoni pizza, with all the necessary information on different slices. I'm mailing them in actual pizza boxes so our Schlotzsky's day was actually a test run to see how much the boxes would cost to send, how long it would take, would all five arrive, in what condition, etc.

Everything went well with the test run. Then came the fun part. After I designed the sticker for the box top and the inside pizza layers (and a "to-go" menu with additional info), printed all the materials, and the boxes I ordered arrived, my co-workers and I spent the better part of last week assembling the boxes, affixing the stickers, stuffing the boxes with the invites, sealing them shut, addressing, stamping and mailing these invites. 200 of them.

This is what our conference room looked like when we finished.

Funny, I don't remember seeing this in the job description when I took the job. But I sure enjoyed it.

Oh, and it was decidedly NOT funny when my co-worker, Mike, rushed into my office right after we dropped the last box off and blurted out "You proofread these first, right? Because you used the wrong 'you're'!" I almost had a heart attack. And then almost killed him when I realized his mean joke. He better watch his back now.

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