Thursday, July 21, 2011

Behold, the Man Chair

When we moved into our house just over a year ago, we realized just how little furniture we had. The cavernous living room completely echoed.

Slowly, as we work on developing patience, we've purchased pieces to fill the rooms. Last you saw the living room, we'd just scored this awesome West Elm Rug.
But one thing you may notice is in this picture is that if we've got more than three people in the living room, they better like the floor. Or we pull in chairs from the dining room. Hans has been lamenting this lack of seating for quite some time and we've been vigorously hunting for The Perfect Man Chair.

Ummm.... did you know chairs are expensive? Holy jeez. Even on Craigslist we haven't had much luck. We've been tempted of late to bite the bullet and buy the cheapest chair we can find - a faux leather chair from Target.

Saturday we headed to the outlet mall because I am STILL in search of a console table for the entry way. As we walked into the Pottery Barn Outlet, Hans made a joke about how one day, ONE DAY, we'll luck into a cheap chair.

It's like his words made it happen. Behold, the Man Chair.
Isn't it a beaut? Real, espresso leather. Wide, comfy seat that you just sink into.

We put it in the weird gap space between the empty side of the dining room and the seating area. It helps fill it out a bit. 

And thanks to this little scratch on the seat, we managed to snag it for more than 75 percent off!!
Hans loves it so much, it won't be long before it's got a permanent imprint from hit butt.