Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Harry Potter Scarf

Can you believe I didn't blog about Harry Potter 7.2? I figured there were enough reviews of it out there. But if you were wondering, I loved it. And cried. A lot. And when did Neville get hot? Weird.
For the finale premiere (which, of course, we saw at the Alamo at midnight) I made a Harry Potter scarf! I've never crocheted before, but it was pretty easy. Just took a while. Maybe next time I won't make it as thick. This was 35 across and that was probably too much. Ooops. I was super excited that Michaels had colors that were spot on, though. Michaels, FTW. And despite the fact that it's triple digits here (and has been for 35 days so far this year - ew), I wore that scarf all day in celebration.

And oh, check this out! This is Hans on the front page of talking about the people that waited hours in line for the premiere. I totally thought one of my former co-workers did it on purpose, but they're all claiming innocence!

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