Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Spring cleaning commences

I'm pretty sure that spring cleaning will take us well into summer.

Our move into our apartment mostly consisted of everything from Hans' old apartment being dumped off at the new apartment, and all of my stuff from the Yellow House being dumped off at the apartment, during the week of our wedding. We had other things on our mind.

We didn't finally finish putting boxes away until we had to, when Liz moved in in December. It wasn't until last week that we finished selling off some of the crap taking up space (a futon, a couch, and several items from our wedding).

Now that we've finally figured out what's staying and what's going, we're tackling organization. It's amazing how much little things can do.

One of the only things we don't love about our apartment is that there is no pantry. Lots of kitchen cabinets and plenty of storage, but no pantry. And it's really hard to put food in those deep cabinets. Stuff disappears into the back and we never see it again. We realized recently that we had three bags of corn meal because I could never find it, so I'd just buy a new one each time I needed it.

Last week, Hans decided to tackle organizing our food cabinets. We bought these amazing OXO Pop storage containers that seal your food in and are really thick and sturdy. We used 20 percent off coupons to get some from Bed Bath and Beyond and then we were lucky enough to find some discontinued sizes at the Marshalls Home Goods Store in the Woodlands. Wish we had one of those in Austin. I've also seen the OXO pop containers at Target and The Container Store, but they're pretty much the same price everywhere.

Check out how much more space we have now, just by getting rid of all the bags and boxes! Not only do we have more space, but we can actually find things now. And we don't have spilled sugar and flour dusting the shelves. I love it.

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