Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Finally.... a topiary!

I started this project well over a month ago and finally finished it last week. While it did actually take longer than I expected, it drug on forever because I only did a little here and there. But it was pretty easy and I love how it looks.

I found the tutorial here.

You need:
- A flower pot (mine was maybe $3 at Marshalls)
- A stick (Hans cut it off a tree outside)
- Floral foam (not quite as crumbly as styrofoam, but that would probably work too)
- Floral foam ball
- Faux box wood stems (Hobby Lobby, I needed 3)
- Hot glue
- fake moss

It's pretty intuitive. Stick the square foam in the pot for the base. Wedge the ends of the stick into the foam ball and the foam in the pot. I hot-glued both for extra staying power. Then you cut off little chunks of the boxwood plant. Put hot glue on the ends and slide them into the ball. I found it easiest to work in a spiral, from the bottom of the plant (where the stick goes in) around to the top. I also discovered, a little late in the game, that you need to pack them pretty close together so you don't get bald spots.

Then you finish it off with moss covering the foam in the pots and you're done! Ours is in the living room on the shelf above the couch and I think it adds a nice little pop of color and greenery to our otherwise neutral living room.

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