Saturday, January 2, 2010

Well, hello, 2010!!

For this first time EVER, Hans and I spent New Year's Eve together. I've always either been home with my family or working.

Since Liz moved in with us a couple days ago (I mentioned that, right? Ooops...) We decided it'd be the perfect time to throw a party! We got a group together for a fancy dinner at the Cheesecake Factory. The food was delicious (Chicken di Pana.... yum!) and our waiter was hilarious. At one point, he leaned over Jared and asked "Acqua di Gio?" Jared leans away and goes "Yes...." looking at the guy warily. I think I saw water come out Mandy's nose she laughed so hard. Later, he leaned over Stephanie and said "Wow, you smell really good!" That guy really knew how to work the table to get his tip. It was hilarious. But, Jalaine's diet coke never went empty, so the guy did an amazing job. Especialy for a group of 14. What a blast!

Then it was back to our place for game night. The singles headed off to make an appearance at the stake dance, so the old married folk played hearts. Unfortunately, like last game night, the wives didn't bring our A game and the husbands were kicking our butts. We need to get together and strategize better. Adam, Josiah and Hans all work together and I swear they know what each other is thinking at this point. Candace, Mandy and I are just not that in sync. We were grateful when the singles showed up to save us from the slaughter.

Then we played Pictionary Man! He's a little electronic guy and the word you're supposed to draw shows up on his foot when you push a button. He has two props that you can use to draw out different parts of the word and even act it out if you want (like a guy catching a soccer ball if he's supposed to be a goalie). It was really fun! Stephanie Hall's little brothers came and they are hilarious. Steven (Stephen?) had my in stitches. I wish they lived here and could make us laugh like that every weekend.

At midnight we watched the ball drop, debating how old Dick Clark is and whether or not he had a stroke and that's why he talks funny (I think he did, actually). We toasted with sparkling apple cider and booed at all the couples in Times Square using way too much tongue for national television.

Kind of low key, but still a wonderful way to ring in the New Year! I have a feeling it's going to be a great one.

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  1. Awesome party with the Sweetings! Thank you.

    My brothers are totally cool.

    Also, I just found your blog and I love it.