Saturday, January 16, 2010

Day three: sun worship

On our third day, the sun finally came out and there was heat! Hans was so excited that he wouldn't let me sleep in past nine (pout) and we were out to the beach. We pulled chairs out into the sun and laid back with our books. We alternately read and napped, stopping only every once in a while to flip from back to stomach and so forth.

After a few hours, we went poolside to have some lunch. Once again, Hans out-ordered me and I think I ate half of his yummy fish and chips while neglecting my own turkey sandwich (which was good, but no fish and chips).

Post-lunch, we decided to try out some more of the hotels fun toys. Henry pulled out a kayak for us and loaded us up with snorkel equipment.

I didn't know before we got there, but Belize is home to the longest great barrier reef outside of Australia. It runs along the side of Ambergris Caye in a way where the farther north you go, the closer you are to the reef. We were able to kayak to the reef in maybe 10, 15 minutes. Surprisingly, the water was quite warm and on the island side of the reef, not very deep. I think it came up to Hans' waist. We were able to snorkel around for quite a while enjoying all the brightly colored fish swimming around the reef. My favorites were the electric blue little fish that darted quickly away. We didn't venture too far - it was a little hard to see where we were going and it turns out (in case you didn't already know) I'm kind of a wimp. I didn't want to get too deep in the reef because who knows what's in there! I kept having these visions of eels coming slithering out. Eww.

After we kayaked back to shore, it was more sleeping on the beach until the wind picked up and the sun started going down and we were, once again, the last ones on the beach. After a quick warm shower and change, we walked next door to a restaurant called Rojo Lounge. It was really laid back and full of warmth, which I loved. We sat on a long couch with tables in front of it. The food was different - not my favorite, but good. Felt like it was trying to hard to be "edgy fusion" type food. I had tamales that were not like any tamales I'd ever seen before and Hans had "Conch sausage pizza" (I still don't know what that means).

In the middle of dinner, all of a sudden there was something on my lap. I jumped and my knee hit the table, knocking over my glass of water. Turns out, it was a cat. A cat? Where did that come from? Not sure. But it was there, and it wanted to sit in my lap. I'm not sure why cats like me... I'm not a fan. Hans thought it was pretty funny - I was glad he was amused.

We topped off dinner with some tasty ice cream - mine was kakaw chocolate, which I guess is indigenous to Belize. It was a very dark chocolate, with little chunks in it. It was very smooth and rich and I loved it.

Any day with copious amounts of sun and ends with dark chocolate is a good day in my book.

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