Monday, January 25, 2010

Thai food and ice cream

I think that's the longest I've gone without blogging in quite a while!

We had a very eventful weekend that kept me away from my computer. But I made sure to take plenty of pictures so you'll get to hear all about it.

Friday was one of the first days in a very long time that I haven't had something pressing to do, to prepare for, or some place to be. It gave me a wonderful opportunity to catch up with my old buddy Parker.

Parker is my Thai food buddy. He's about the only person I know who will actually go eat curry with me (what can I say, I have weird friends!) Our favorite place is this little hole in the wall right off campus called Thai Kitchen. It doesn't look like much, and the parking sucks, but the food is amazing. The food was so good we both ate til we were sick.

But that didn't stop us from heading over to yogurt planet for some froyo. Yum! Chocolate with peanuts and strawberries is my standby - at at 110 calories, I don't feel too bad about it. I even picked up some extra mint ice cream with crushed andes mints and chocolate chips and took it to Hans at work. Ain't I a good wifey?

In the evening Hans and I went to the outlets (more in next post!) and then we topped off the evening by having Parker over (twice in one day, how lucky am I?) to watch Fantastic Mr. Fox. I was pleasantly surprised - it was really funny! George Clooney was perfect for that role.

Wonderful, wonderful day.

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