Sunday, January 17, 2010

Sun worship: part II

Magic! The sun came out again. Not wanting to waste the precious rays, we grabbed books, towels and headed to the beach (ya know, all 25 feet from our front door).

And that was our day. Lying in the sun. Reading. Did I mention that I read three whole books on the trip? We're very used to watching tv at night, as we wind down before bed. No such luck on the trip - we read. And we read on the beach. And on the planes. Lots of reading. I read The Constant Princess (historical fiction about Katherine of Aragon - very good!), and some classic favorites, Persuasion and Sense and Sensibility. Hans doesn't understand how I can read a book 50 million times. I think it's like watching a good movie - just because you know the story line doesn't mean you're not entertained by it!

For his part, he's working his way through some behemoth book called Anathem that basically makes up its own language and is pretty hard to follow thus far, he tells me. 

We thought it might be fun to paddle boat out to the reef. It was fun for the first ten minutes, but then we realized.... paddle boating isn't that fun. You pretty much pedal really hard and go no where. It took us forever to get out to the reef. I kept stopping and making Hans paddle by himself :D Despite the fact the inventor of the paddleboat should have his IQ checked, it still gave us the pleasure of enjoying the gorgeous, gorgeous Caribbean waters. I don't think I'll ever find anything else so beautiful.

Back on the beach, I promptly fell asleep on my beach chair. My very sweet, kind, thoughtful husband did not want to wake me... even as my back burnt to a very nice, red crisp. Ow.

As the sun went down, we decided to get a little dressed up and have a nice dinner in town. I wore a dress and put on make up! It felt kind of nice to dress up since we'd been pretty grungy the past few days. We went to another place that Monica from work had recommended, Wild Mangos. I absolutely loved it - I thought it was one of the tastiest meals we'd had. I had the chile rejeno (I love chile rejenos!) and it was perfect. I can't remember what Hans had, but he was under-whelmed by it and I liked it, so we switched halfway through and finished off each other's.

Unfortunately, we had to rush a bit through dinner so that we could catch the last Mata Chica shuttle home (and not have to pay!) That means I had to skip dessert :( Hans made it up to me by promising me the chocolate suffle from the resort's restaurant.

It was good, but we were both unimpressed by it. It took 20 minutes to make and tasted like a fairly average brownie. Oh well, at least I got my chocolate fix.

We finished off the day by taking a cool shower and lightly massaging my horribly burned back. But guess what? Totally worth it.

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