Thursday, January 21, 2010


I've never been terribly do-it-yourself talented, but as I troll design blogs many of these projects make me want to jump in and try.

Like this, from Knock-off Wood. Like Ana, I have a taste for expensive furniture but not enough to cough up the dough. She promises that anyone can build these and I'm itching to give it a try!

(pottery barn version)

Knock off wood reader Kelsey (age 22) and her dad built this. She said it took 3.5 hours and less than $50. I'm sold.

After that, maybe i'll branch out to a book case or two....

(Made by Ana at Knock Off Wood... this is in her bedroom!)


I'd love to eventually build these two pieces, which Ana says take a bit more intermediate skill.

(Still can't believe she MADE that herself!)

I think I've raved about that blog enough for today... moving on...

I've been lamenting the fact that our apartment complex won't let me paint the walls. I've thought about painting them anyway and just painting them back before we leave. Hans wasn't thrilled with this idea. But then I came across several posts that say you can actually upholster a wall with lightweight fabric and liquid starch. Awesome! I hope this works.

(from Kristen Dirmeier's blog "Silver Linings")

 (top row, left to right: Bohaute; How about Orange. Bottom row, l-r: Bohaute again;

What about an upholstered headboard? I love the look of this one, but I don't want to pay $1200 for it! I wonder if there's a way to DIY it....

(Holley and Gill, via their Etsy shop)

I've been assessing our rooms and over the next few weeks (months) there's some tweaking I'd like to do:
  • Bathroom: More towel hangers, one more piece of wall art, some loofahs, a trash can, white pillar candles

(etsy vendor LimeTreeGraphics)

(Pottery Barn apothecary jars with soaps and loofahs)

  • Bedroom: Headboard, wall art, bedside lamps, door panel, end of bed bench, maybe an ottoman, console table, decorative ties to hold back the curtains
  • Living room: Window panels to hide the nasty vertical blinds, floor lamp, wall art, book case, console table, maybe a new rug

(Squawk Fox painted canvases with stripes and dots. Easy and cute)

(Our friends Jessica and Arthur made this great art by stretching Ikea fabric over wooden frames)
  • Dining room: three floating shelves (a la Young House Love, below), vases, maybe refinishing the dining room table (it's ancient!)

  • Kitchen: cookbook storage, wall art for above the sink, something (i don't know what!) to decorate above the cabinets
  • Hallway: glass frames for marriage certificate and diplomas, some sort of storage organizer for mail, keys, leashes, etc.

(Pottery Barn's Daily System in black)

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