Thursday, September 1, 2011

Mutual Activity - Cake Decorating

Yesterday's mutual activity was supposed to be class activities. But then some of my Beehives who just turned 14 realized they wouldn't get to participate in cake decorating. So they asked to join. And then the Laurels heard about it and wanted in, too.

And that's how my good friend Erin ended up teaching 15 young women some cake decorating basics. Erin - for the win.

First off, check out Erin's blog to see how awesome she is. She claims it's just a hobby right now, but she hopes to go full-time soon. She's currently taking orders for birthdays, weddings and showers, if you happen to be in the market for a kick-butt cake. These are some of her recent cakes:

She showed the girls how to level, stack and frost a cake. She also showed them how to pipe some basic buttercream designs. 

Pretty proud... my Beehives did a great job!
The Mia Maids' creation
The Laurels... they were more interested in eating....
Then she taught them some basic tips for working with fondant! They got to color it, roll it out and put some basic shapes on top of cupcakes. I have to say, they did a pretty great job! Thank you so much, Erin, for sharing your time and talents with our girls!

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