Friday, September 30, 2011

Cute monsters

Behold, my little monsters. (Sorry, I seem to have had a Gaga moment there...)
These were actually fun and easy to make. I should probably have done it as a young women's activity, but seeing as I was just winging it, I'm not sure that would have been wise.

What you need:
4 pieces of 2x4, cut 8-10 inches long
Green acrylic paint
White acrylic paint
Googly eyes (opt, but fun!)
Permanent markers (black and red)
black foam board
2 bolts
Black stamp pad

Hans cut the boards for me at 9 inches. The edges need some sanding to smooth out rough edges and make all the corners less sharp. I just think it looks better with slightly rounded edges.

Paint two pieces white and one piece green. Leave the last unpainted. One the painted boards, take your stamp pad and just kinda.... brush it all over. I focused on the edges and corners and did a few light streaks down the middle. I didn't use a brush or paper towel or anything, I just rubbed the stamp pad straight onto the wood.
For Frankenstein, I cut his hair out of the foam board and glued that on along with some googly eyes. I screwed the bolts in toward the bottom and used the permanent marker to draw on the mouth and stitches.
For Dracula: His collar and widow's peak are just triangles cut from foam board and glued on. The eyes and mouth are permanent marker. I supposed you could paint on the blood drops, but it was late and I happen to have a red sharpie, so there ya go.
The skull was made from cutting three wonky shapes from the foam board, and then using a sharpie for the mouth and the outlines of the top of the skull and cheeks.
And the mummy, who was probably the easiest. I glued his googly eyes on first. I found a roll of gauze in our medicine cabinet. I glued one end at the bottom, wrapped up and back down and then glued the other end in place. Then I brushed the ink pad all over him, just like I did for the other three.

And that's it! The cuts weren't exactly straight so they're a little wobbly. I might put some sort of little footie piece underneath to help them stand better. Then they'll go in the entry way. Can't wait to put all my decorations up this weekend!

(Inspired by these guys over here!)

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