Friday, September 16, 2011

Boo! Yarn wreath

I've seen yarn wreaths all over the place lately and have been really wanting to try one. So.... voila!

What you need:
styrofoam form
black yarn
mustard yarn (not the bright yellow, it's too 'bumblebee')
decorative stickers (I went with 3D skeletons and spiders from Michaels)
free printable bunting banner from Pretty Ditty
hot glue

I don't know if there's an easier way to wrap yarn around a circle without tying yourself in knots. If there is, I need to know about it. I found the easiest way was to unwind a bunch of yarn off the skein. I wrapped it around my hand, which resulted in later knots. It was just easier to pass a small wad of yarn through the circle than the entire skein. 

I held the end of the yarn in place and then wrapped several pieces tightly on top of it to hold it in place. Keeping the pieces close together, I worked my way about 4 inches around the circle. I went back and did a second layer in selective parts where I felt like the white was showing through. Then I held that end in place as I wound the next color on top of it to lock it down. At the end, I glued the last tail in place with hot glue.

I used kraft paper (cardstock weight) for the printable and then sewed it together with white yarn. Even though the skeletons and spiders were stickers, they're a little weighty for stickers (and thick!) so I hot glued them in place.

It's a good weeknight craft and it was pretty fun to make.

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