Friday, September 16, 2011

Boo! theme continues

Can you tell I'm on a holiday decorations kick lately?

I saw this cute boo sign on "Then she made" and thought, "hey, that looks easy!" And it was. Messy, but easy.

What you need:
Chipboard letters (Hobby Lobby)
Halloween scrapbook paper
Modge podge

Hobby Lobby has these on sale all the time. I think it was 89 cents or something.
Don't cut the paper. Do not make any cuts yet. You didn't cut, did you?

Brush a pretty good layer of modge podge on the front of the first letter. Lay it face down on the back of the paper. Turn it over and smooth out any bumps and set it aside to dry. Repeat with the other two letters, giving the first time to dry.
The back of mine is messy. No clean edges here. No one sees... who cares?
Trim off excess paper, leaving about a half inch of paper on all sides. Brush the sides of the letter with modge podge and fold the paper around the edge to the back. It may require some ripping.

After all three letters are covered in paper, add on more thick coat of modge podge for good measure (to seal it in and give it the same texture throughout).

Add stickers. Tie together with ribbons. Annnnd done.

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