Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Rough morning.

It was in the teens this morning. Dear Texas, this is not ok with me. Did you forget that you're Texas?

Anyway, that *might* have been livable, if I could stay warm and snuggled in my bed until the last possible second. No luck. Due to state-wide demand on power, the emergency plan is rolling blackouts (read more about that here). So here's how our morning went:

Power went out around 6:20 a.m. For some reason, our fire detectors did not like this and decided to go off. Loudly. All of them. Cue Hans, Edgar, and Paul running around the house trying to manually disable them. Finally, get back to bed.

7:15 a.m., power kicks back in. Good: It was starting to get really cold in the house. Bad: All of the lights turned back on and woke us up with their unholy brightness. Oh, and the house alarm system doesn't like being reset and responds with much beeping when turned back on. Lovely. Can I still sleep 20 more minutes? Yes, yes I think I can.

Get up, shower, getting ready. Definitely blow drying my hair today so I don't go out in freezing temps with wet hair. Oh wait, here comes round two of blackouts. Haha, no dry hair for you.

Going to work, fighting the ridiculous traffic one should expect when traffic signals keep going out. Good gracious, why does South Austin have so many stop lights?

Realize while riding the elevator to my office that it's probably not wise to take elevators when the city's experiencing rolling blackouts. Thankfully, I didn't get locked in an elevator (or an ATM vestibule with Jane Goodacre). But I'll be taking the stairs for the rest of the day.

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  1. I was five minutes from leaving for work when the second blackout struck. I decided I'd rather read a book by flashlight in my warm, dark bed than deal with manually operating the garage door. :\