Thursday, February 17, 2011

Little improvements that make a big difference

After the closet project wore us out, we've been focusing on little things we can do around the house that make us feel more organized and more... clean.

Project #1: 
Spruce up the nasty trim and hardware in the bathroom. Actually, the trim EVERYWHERE in the house will need to be re-painted. For some reason, the builder thought this nasty, yellow-ish white looked nice. It doesn't. It just looks... dirty. Grungy. Grimy. So! We tackled the master bath first - all the door jams, doors, baseboards, everything. Now it's all clean and bright. We replaced all the chipped gold door knobs with brushed nickel, too. The difference is subtle, but makes the room feel cleaner and brighter.
Before -

After - 

We also finally got around to tackling our bathroom drawers. They were... a mess, to say the least. Thanks to some plastic drawer organizers from Target, the mess has been contained.

You can pick up Hans' six-compartment single tray organizer for around $4. I opted for the removable, mix and match trays so I could pull my makeup out as needed. You can nab that at Target for $12.

Before (mess!) -

After (ahhhh. That's nice) - 

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  1. Now the challenge will be: Can you keep it that way? At least, that's always my little husband's challenge.