Wednesday, February 23, 2011

You asked for it

All Hans can think about right now is getting a new iphone. For his birthday, he got an iphone.... cake.

About the cake:
1. The inside is chocolate. The recipe is from Milk and Cookies. It's good. Not great, but good. If you're looking for a basic chocolate cake recipe, this'll do you just fine. I thought it was a little drier and a bit crumblier than I'd like, but tasty. The whipped cream filling was a big hit.
2. The Milk and Cookies recipe called for chocolate buttercream icing with malted milk powder. I did not have this and for some inexplicable reason, could not locate it at our HEB. So I made different butter cream. It has four sticks of butter (!!), a bunch of powdered sugar, some vanilla, and about six ounces of melted chocolate chips. It was also just ok. Maybe too much butter.
3. Fondant. Oh, the fondant. I made three batches (which was one too many). That's three bags of mini marshmallows and three bags of powdered sugar. And a big mess on my kitchen counter. Hobby Lobby was having a sale on Wilton baking supplies a few weeks ago, so I stocked up on black, red, blue, and yellow dyes. I did some mixing to get the other colors.
4. Putting it together. It took six hours. And I didn't photograph any of it, because it was a grand old mess all over me, the counter, my hands, every where. And I certainly didn't photograph any of the many, many imperfections. Like how the black fondant kept tearing and chocolate buttercream would come peaking through. Most of the app buttons were pretty easy, but cutting letters was hard. I'm sure there's an easier way to do that. The angry birds app is my fav.

This was fun, but took sooooo loooooong. I don't know how people do this on a regular basis! Maybe it gets easier with time? And oh, I STILL have dye on my hands. Four days later. I look diseased. Hot.


  1. I ate the Safari icon on the cake. Also, way fun party. Cheers and happy birthday Hans!

  2. I LOVE the iphone cake...I should make Braden an ipad cake, because he LOVES that thing almost more than anything else. :) You are such the baker--I need to get back in the swing of baking....maybe I'll just look at a bunch of your old yummy baked goods to get me re-inspired.