Friday, February 4, 2011

Snowpocolypse 2011

I know all you people up North are laughing at us crazy Texans. But it snowed today!! Today was our third-straight day below freezing - something that hasn't happened since 1997. Last night, when it was in the teens, we had freezing rain and sleet. This morning I woke up to this:
What I saw when I stepped out the front door this morning

My footprints :)

Look how pretty our street is, all covered in snow!

Our house covered in snow

Icicles dripping off Paul's truck

View out the front window

And didn't have to go to work! Austin roads are just not built for this kind of weather and the roads were super icy. According to the news, there were two fatalities and a few hundred accidents. Our roommate Paul works nights and said that coming home last night, people were sliding all over the road. It was nice to relax by the fire in my sweatpants all day. Makes all this cold weather worth it!

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  1. We've been calling it, in New Mexico, Snow-mageddon 2011 because it rhymes. You're welcome. ;)