Friday, June 1, 2012

Help send Sarah to London

Meet Sarah.

She is my cute co-worker and friend. And, as of this week, she's also an Olympic athlete. Sarah is a Chaser for Texas Quidditch Team. Yes, I'm actually serious. There is a Texas Quidditch Team. As in.... brooms, quaffles, snitches, bludgers, house cups, the whole bit. If that sounds like another language to you, you're probably a muggle (and we still love you).

According to the International Quidditch Association (yup, still being serious here), there are about 650 Quidditch teams in the United States alone. Last year's World Cup was held in New York and had teams from around the globe. And this year, since the summer Olympics are in London, the IQA is sponsoring a Quidditch Olympic exhibition. And Miss Sarah has qualified for Team USA.
She heads to London the first week of July. And as she points out, since her broom only works in the game, she could use some help getting over the Atlantic.

If you're a Quidditch enthusiast, or just a kind heart, please head over to and make a donation. Anything helps. You could put down $5 and call yourself an Olympic athlete sponsor.

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