Saturday, June 16, 2012

Lightened up hallway

Remember when we said we'd never paint stripes again?

We lied.

I love how our bathroom turned out. It's one of my favorite paint projects that we've done. But... it's our bathroom. So no one gets to see it but us.

So we decided to do just ONE more stripe project (famous last words, right?) We rationalized that this one would be easy because it was just one, straight wall.

And really, it wasn't bad at all. It took two coats of Valspar Honey Milk, because we were going from that icky dark to a creamy off white. We used a chalk line to mark off the stripes... we measured the wall and subtracted inches for the new baseboards and crown molding and then divided by how many stripes we wanted. We also discovered that the left side of the wall is a full inch taller than the right side of the wall. Way to go, home builder. We made the stripes parallel to the ceiling, figuring the discrepancy would be less noticeable along the baseboards.

I love what a difference crown molding and big baseboards makes. And white trim. I've said it before and I'll say it again... what were they thinking with that dingy color?

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