Monday, June 18, 2012

Eat your heart out, Violet Beauregard

We just got back from our annual blueberry picking trip and this year went SO much better than last year.

Last year we got a measly six pounds and were so depressed. And haven't been able to enjoy our favorite blueberry recipes in quite some time.

Thanks to some decent rain this year, we had a great picking trip! We stayed about three hours and got around 19 pounds. If you're in Houston, you should definitely head over to Moorhead's Blueberry farm - $2 per pound UPick!

Just arrived... thank goodness for cloud cover!

He can reach the high branches... we make a good team.

After, we stopped at Skeeter's for lunch. We went here on our first date back in 2002!

When you get home, wash the blueberries well and spread them out to dry. I let mine sit over night, though I would have preferred to do it all at once. Once they're completely dry, you can put them in freezer ziplock bags and enjoy all year. Just make sure they're all dry or they will clump together!


  1. I'm having so many flashbacks of going with my family every year we lived in Texas. We always had blueberries and I would eat them like crazy. These days I'll eat them only in their baked in something. Sad day! I think I overdid it in my younger years.

  2. I just went blueberry picking for the first time yesterday! Then last night I had a dream that my roommate ate all of them during the night. It was a true nightmare. Anyway, I referenced back here to read up on washing and drying strategies. What are your favorite blueberry recipes?