Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Bookcase makeover

After this weekend, the guest room is a little more "done" (if "done" is ever achieved...)

We had moved an Ikea Billy bookcase from the office into the guest room. Its pine wood didn't exactly match what was going on in the rest of the room.

So we took it out back and gave it a good coat of white spray paint. We used Rustoleum Satin because it has a paint and primer in one and going from wood to white, we felt that was necessary. It took four cans of spray paint.

Then I found a tablecloth at target that I loved, so I staple gunned it to the backboard of the bookcase.

I was super excited because I also found a lamp matching the tablecloth! Then we scored this great side table at the PB outlet during their Memorial Day sale.

We love the PB outlet, but they really need to change their tagging policy. Each piece of furniture has a sticker somewhere on it that has the original price (which is never what you pay) and the bar code they scan. Then, they have these hard tags that they tape onto the item that show the current price. But the thing about taping these tags on... they don't stay on. In the side table aisle, I don't think we saw a single piece of furniture that had a tag still on it, and we saw several lying on the ground. We picked one up that had the same price and took it and the table to the register. The girl scanned the barcode and we paid and then she was like "Oh wait! This hardtag doesn't match this table."

"But it's the same price, right?"

"Well, yes, but if it doesn't have a hardtag then it's been sold. Or someone is about to buy it. They took the hardtag to reserve it."

"But none of those tables had hardtags and there were hardtags on the floor. Isn't it likely that they just... fell off?"

"Yes, but we don't know, so we can't sell it to you."

Hmm... that doesn't seem like a good system. At what point do they go around and put the hardtags back on and discover that none of those tables were sold and they probably missed an opportunity to sell it because the dumb tape didn't stick?

She did a return on the table and refunded our credit card, and then I think she felt bad, because she sold it to us again. I was angry (not at her, at PB) and I know she could tell and I think she just wanted us to get out. We ended up walking out with a super cheap table because when she did the return/refund, she gave us back too much money (which we told her!) and then we paid for the table as we were supposed to.... so she actually gave us an extra 10 percent off.

I'll take that. But seriously, PB, change your stinkin' policy. Or get better tape.

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