Friday, May 18, 2012

Busy May

Last Saturday was a looooonnnnng day for us.

We had to be at the church by 5:45 am (wait... they have those in am versions? I thought there was only the pm kind...) for our youth's temple trip. Because we're relatively closer to the temple than, say, the folks down in the Rio Grande Valley, we wound up with the early session.

Still, we ended up with a decent size group and were able to do baptisms for two hours. Don't they look so happy to be up this early?

We headed straight from San Antonio to San Marcos for the graduation of Mike, Hans' best friend from high school (and before). We're super proud of him and so glad that we were able to be there with him on his big day.

Oh, did you know it's tradition for Texas State graduates to jump in the river after the ceremony? What a fun tradition! And it was great fun watching his fiance, Nicole, chasing after him to make sure she got his phone, wallet, keys, etc before making the plunge.

Congrats, Mike :) Looking forward to your wedding!

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