Tuesday, May 15, 2012

It's San Francisco's Fault

So..... I disappeared for a while there, huh?

Work has been crazy and this month started off with a week-long trip to San Francisco. I've been back a little more than week, but just trying to play catch up.

Every year, L3 has an annual retreat for its members. This time,  it was in San Francisco. We had some great panels on brain health and longevity from top experts at UCSF and McLean, we went to an interactive session at Stanford's D-School, we had fun activities biking, walking, cooking and going to museums, and, of course, we ate so many incredible meals I can't decide which to dub the best I've ever had.

Here's what I was able to catch on my phone:
I got to meet up with my cute cousin Ashlie, who goes to school in San Francisco, for a quick lunch. See any resemblance? I swear, our dads are brothers... my mom's genes are just VERY strong.
Oh, sea lions, how I've missed you! Before the actual start of the retreat, me and a couple of my co-workers, went to dinner at one of my favs, Bubba Gumps, and I could probably sit there and stare at these cute little guys all day.
The National Cemetery.... great view. We stopped here after going through the Walt Disney Family Museum (pretty cool itself, no photography allowed)
And back to Stanford again! That was kinda weird... but also kinda nice. The campus is so gorgeous and I've really missed it. We went to the D School, which was incredible. If you're still at Stanford, you should take a D School class - I wish I would have known about it when I was there!
Our wonderful team! We joke that it should L3 needs an extra L for all its lady leaders :) Mike couldn't make it because he welcomed a new baby a few days before the trip. 
Check out that gorgeous moon! They said it was brightest in San Francisco.
And one event I'm (sadly) missing a photo of: We got a shout out from Chris Tucker! We were riding down the elevator in the hotel with some guy, talking about I can't remember what. He was really nice and friendly, though! We got off the elevator and there's Chris Tucker, who is apparently friends with our elevator buddy. He makes a funny face and says something like "Look at you with all those white girls!" Tee hee, Chris Tucker thinks I'm white.

Oh, and let's talk about this hotel. Ah-mazing. I had a gorgeous suite and wanted to live in the bathroom.

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