Tuesday, December 20, 2011

It's [Finally] starting to look like Christmas

Given that we were out of town the first half of December, we got a little behind on making our house festive. Over the past week or so, I've slowly been able to put up a few things and it's starting to look much better!

We had a bit of trouble finding a tree this year, probably because it was so late. Home Depot had a ton, but most were either too small or seemed dead already. We finally found one that was full and fresh.... but it was huge. We knew it was huge, but got it anyway. It was a struggle to get home (I still have bruises to prove it). But I love it and I love how it smells.

We went with a red and green theme this year. I think it needs something extra... maybe some ribbons? Maybe I'll add those tonight. And since it's such a monster, the star topper we've been using doesn't work and I can't find something bigger. Oops. I think next year I want to try and all silver and white tree.

I saw this thing on Pinterest that said you could hang some mirrors inside the tree to help reflect the light back out. I hung about 20 (see it behind the Santa Claus?) I don't know if it helped, but it couldn't hurt.

Also courtesy of Pinterest, I saw these scrapbook-paper trees and thought they looked easy. Definitely use the template - I didn't, and regretted it. But I thought it helped make the Nativity table a little less bare.

My "craft closet" has about four more holiday crafts that I started and didn't finish. I may do them after Christmas, that way they're actually done before Christmas next year :)

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