Monday, December 12, 2011

Cruise Part II - Progreso

This little port didn't impress us too much. We did a double-decker bus tour that was pretty fun. We sat on the top and you had to watch your head because the power cables hang pretty low. Then we parked on a private beach. It was kinda a cloudy day, but we still got some sun. The water was a little murky and the beach had some junk on it. I imagine we just caught it on a bad day. The worst part was that every 30 seconds someone tried to come sell us a conch shell or a temporary tattoo or a bad dvd rip. We went back to the ship early cuz we were a little bored. Our dining buddies told us that they did an excursion inland to see some mayan ruins and really enjoyed it - we'd probably do that if we ever went back. At least we didn't get left behind like one very unlucky (and very drunk) couple.

double decker tour

That guy has an iguana!

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